SoulClap, old school never gets old

Music is a gift and SoulClap knows what this means, with songs surpassing over 130.000 streams on his Spotify account, the German Producer from Bremen is reaching some great milestones on his career!

We love his unique old Style, his way to compose the beats and the fact he also shares his instrumentals with his audience!

His song ”Val” feat Illa Njo and Verb Tuner mixes the great 90s vintage mood with real rap because, who doesn’t like the 90s Hip Hop? Brighter details, nice lyrics, swag and an incredible combination with each artist.

Other songs like ”It’s All Over” and ”One Time” deserve each of the streams they have, he keeps his same original genre and blends is perfect wether with a voice or plain instrumental.

What do you think? Worth to be on your playlists?


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