IDC, a master introduction

Baby Milo just released the first single of his big project feat Alex Lev; releasing on Dec 11th and we are thrilled to listen to the full “Heart in the Streets” arrange of songs. ”IDC” is a curious and far beyond different idea when it comes to Hip Hop music, Baby Milo take listeners on a journey with him through the eyes of a drug dealer in the inner city of Los Angeles.

Milo’s music is heavily indebted to drill the audience, and bears many of ghetto rap’s timeless fundamentals. His verses are unapologetic about the tough situations that rippled through a life marked with the life on the streets, delivered with an unpolished flow distinguished by its sense of tension.

A constant battle to maintain a peace of mind in the trecherous streets of the ghetto dealing with constant loss and heartbreak. Alex Lev accompanies his lyric and verses on the lead guitar creating a unique craft and an excellence introduction to what’s coming for his audience.

The song, available on Youtube and Spotify is a perfect formula, the beats are uniform in their presentation: a palpable sense of menace, a combination of trap sounds and melancholy since the first second of the song but the message and the main feeling is a constant that is greatly delivered.

Be sure to stay tuned for more and follow Baby Milo in social media as well as Youtube and Spotify:

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