New hits that you should be considering by Mr.1up!

A new season begins for music and we all need a bit of energy during our mornings, that’s why, I took the liberty and selected some music for you!

For those who love willpower, female vocals, spacial vibes, futuristic sounds and abstract rhythms that blend perfectly together we have ”Dap!”

For those of you who instead are more into a song with less vocals but as much intention and power, we have ”Akuma”

But who is the mind behind this incredible EP?

His name is Roudy Richardson; artist name commonly known as Mr. 1up first took up an interest in music production during his teenage years. Since then, he has fostered a passion for electronic music that’s grown into his present venture. Currently, Mr. 1up is spending a lot of time in the studio, where he likes to use keyboards, instruments, pads, and plugins to develop his melodies, rather than relying on premade samples.

What are you waiting for? You can listen to this EP as well as his whole catalogue on any of the links below!





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