Ellis B. is back with ”Stuck on Stupid”

Ellis B. is back to hit harder than ever before with a new song that follows his genre to perfection. He brings just as much energy to singing without pretense and simply wearing his love for classic R&B on his sleeve. “Stuck on Stupid feels heavy, singing those scales, making those vocals get the attention they deserve. This audio composition is creatively detailed, but easy-to-digest and set on repeat. The lyrics are battle-tested and referential, hitting with the snap you’d expect from someone who can write and sing at the same time. While there are plenty of songs inside the genre, he is sure to make audiences of all ages smile. Ellis regularly jumps between intentions and sings in a light and airy deep voice contrasting with the instrumental. The beat shift and morph accordingly, taking on elements of modern R&B.

What else do you need to know to click on it and add it to your playlists?

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