Kiron’s not joking around!

New music brings new feelings, new vibes, new thoughts and “Ba Lee Dat” from Kiron feat Barry Black is not any different, in fact, it’s a power boost for all Rap and Old School Hip Hop lovers!

They brings us this ”almost lost” type of genre we all love and miss, we admire how they included great rap flow with perfectly written lyrics to blend into a master-craft. The recordings are filled with vivid storylines, well rounded content, and literary imagery that paint pictures in the mind. In as much as he is socially conscious in his approach he also provides fun and energetic tunes in between that bring balance and conceptual soundness. Truly this is music whose innerworkings possess an artful wisdom. 

Best part of this? This is not Kiron’s only song, he in fact has multiple singles released and you can listen to all of them right here:

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