A gem for Blues music lovers

Haywood Gregory hit our playlists with an incredible song out of the common music! His Blues new single titled ”I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” left us speechless. With a soul touch and a deep and perfectly controlled power voice he is bringing the heat and the unique vibes to our spectrum.

The song, released recently on 2020 has the capability to make a simple listener turn into a super-fan as he unravel the lyrics with sentences like ”I have cried, for the last time”; where you can feel the intention, the complexity of the feeling, the ”moving on phase”

As the song evolves his voice becomes more powerful and that growling feels sexy, intrepid and out of any artist’s league! Such an inspiration to behold. The song, available on Spotify counts already with over 40.000 streams that keep growing!

But who is him?

Any musician alive can tell you one of the greatest thrills in life is sharing the stage with a legend. Haywood Gregory did just that and from the experience, he was inspired to pen his upcoming single, “I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More.” The blues track will be available on all major music and streaming sites on July 17, 2020. 

Before B.B. King left this earth, Haywood Gregory got the chance of a lifetime when he took the stage with the late Blues icon at the 36th Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. It was a moment no amount of money in the world could buy, and from that experience came the inspiration for his upcoming release, “I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More.” It’s a silky, blues track that is sure to satisfy the pallets fans of genuine blues music near and far. 

Haywood Gregory got his start like many with Southern roots, in the church. He was just seven-years-old when he started singing, and he hasn’t stopped since. A professional by his teens, Haywood Gregory would spend his career racking up accolades that include playing not only with B.B. King but Morgan Freeman and The Soul Stirrers. This bluesman also has impressive feats in the gospel realm. In 2007, he was nominated at the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards as a producer for “Traditional Gospel Album” and “Traditional Recorded Gospel Song of the Year” for The Blind Boys of Alabama album ‘Rare Classics.’




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