Deja Solo, a wonder you have to listen

With a unique composition between Indie, Alternative, Chill and Folk vibes from multiple genres, Deja Solo delivers a wonderful masterpiece we are grateful for. As he defines himself:

A hip hop baby with a Rockstar’s heart

The song is like a practice of locating the revelatory in the mundane, which encompasses the compositions and feeling of improvisation and freedom. In the past year, his recordings brought a whole Volume (album) with him and clearly, we are thrilled to see if “Wicked Bogus, Kid” will bring his music to a new place.

These sounds are direct and vulnerable, taking pieces of our built environment and using them to interrogate his experiences and relationships, his guilt and anxieties. “Music saved my life and makes me feel like I’m not alone in my darkest hours.” says Solo.

We can feel how special and unique Deja Solo is, this is why we encourage full support via Social Media as well as Spotify, Youtube etc…

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