Ruby Black knows how to capture us

Immersed in mystery, Ruby Black, our Queen of Grime genre has made her comeback this 2021 with a new hit.
Dark, fearless and blended with a kind of spiritual vibe along with the synth she is making sure “Gamer” feat D Power Diesle hits the right points.

She keeps the style loyal to her own brand as an artist while making the listener involved in the lyrics along her smooth and sensual voice that guides us deep into her levitating charm.
Like a sweet torture she sings key perfect on the beat to have D Power Diesle rapping and bringing even more value to the song.

Would she be playing games with us?

We know that her music videos are perfectly crafted when it comes to production, being “Lady Death” one of the hits that shocked us when we met her.

“She is limitless”

Fierce, unique and not afraid of the darkness her genre holds, she surrounds the listener with her voice, she guides them to her arms…

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