Perle Vybz electrifies us with her new hit!

Perle Vybz electrifies us with her new hit!

It sounds wonderful, it catches all my senses and her energy is so pleasing to the eyes! Her Single Debut Music video for ”Electric Dancefloor” is out and you can watch it right here:

London-based beatmaker/singer/songwriter Perle Vybz transmits her eclectic taste for music into energetic and pulsating electronic dance and hip hop instrumental beats. 

From the moment Perle Vybz laid her first track she has been addicted to beatmaking and believes that the simplest tools can go a long way in creating good sound.
When she’s not laying down beats she loves to spend time writing songs, reading comics and enjoying the occasional chocolate doughnut treat.

The song feels inspiring, energetic and full of positive feelings as well as her performance in the video. But apart from having such a great Youtube first release, Perle Vybz has gone further and delivered her new song on all streaming services!

We want you to dig deeper into her song and leave some love on her social media, @PerleVybz

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