In search of love through music with Half Way to Saint Petersburg

Half Way to Saint Petersburg is a band created due to a great Story, one that will make you reconsider the power of love, let us tell you all about it!

The Band’s creator and main artist found the woman of his dreams online, but due to multiple circumstances he couldn’t be with her. Here is where he decided to invest his time into the band in order to grow, learn from the industry, travel and have a chance to meet her.

He knows the difficulties and how hard can be to assemble a Band together. Different schedules, commitments etc… that’s why he decided to go ”solo” and do all himself as a 1 man-band. Inspiring right?

This right here is his 3rd album, 8 songs where he expresses all he feels and how he will keep working hard until when he can finally be with her.

Of course Half Way to Saint Petersburg is on social media and you can show some support to him there!

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