Camara clearly knows how to make music

Sometimes the most simple things are the ones making music thrive and Camara is a great example for this. With a great entrance into the industry he delivered a diamond Album release feat Jauan. All songs are powerful, soulful, fit to any moment, room, Hip Hop festival and personally we’re quite obsessed with them!

His calm Rap voice brings a unique feeling for his listeners, it’s modern, actual, promising and the songs are raising streams on Youtube and Spotify while you read this! This is how good music is supposed to sound!

We personally love the changes between songs, from ”Crack on the Floor” to ”I’m from the BS” they move through multiple topics and their rhymes are a great way to tell their story. We can see a bright future ahead of him and we’re happy to let you listen to all songs in here!

What else do you need to know? Head deep into Camara’s music and let his flow fill your body!

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