TheBranch knows what he is doing!

He is a hidden gem and we’re happy to let you know more about him and his new song ” Hallelujah”. TheBranch has the charisma and talent of the best artists in the genre and the hard work of the biggest labels in the planet/

The production helps sell this turn, trading the typical twerk-ready bounce trap and warm melodies Hip Hop artists use to release for a well crafter melodic soulful music for real anthems and lush lounge bops.

He means each word of his music, there is honesty, there is freedom and wild creativity on each second and the music video is a ”must watch” for those who want to experience it fully.

It feels like the right song for a playlist, a great way to continue the year, to feel achieved and ease the tensions with good music from an artist we know we’re going to listen to for a long time.

Remember you can show some love and support via social media as well as his Youtube Channels (Both personal and Vevo!)

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