Music has power, Suzic knows how to use it

In the past decade we’ve experienced how important lyrics and composition are towards a song succeeding in the market, as people search of inspiration in music, Suzic has found the perfect formula to make her music be listened by thousands monthly. She has found a heightened level of visibility. Not only she has been a part of music for over 25 years, crafting her sound, developing more and more expertise in the are and balancing the skills that brought her to where she is today. She has the wit and patience to make her music work, as well as the mind, voice and talent to capture listeners with each song.

Rarely do these two work in tandem; some songs from Suzic like ”Hey Hey” are evolving and bringing us to a new level where the song begins in certain genre to impress when nobody is keenly aware of the song’s limitations and so dutifully plays to her strengths.

”Hey Hey” is a new bet from her and the connection the listener can feel during the song feels like a trance, a trip to another place where everything is possible.

A better example of the emotion she can invoke with a capable storyteller is her single “Firework,” a song that built her audience and that surpassed over 300.000 streams on Spotify. She knows her formula and this gives her room to lead the story, allowing her warm, rounded tone to thread between her past and present. ”Hey Hey” is her new ”Firework” for 2021. Having composed and being part of multiple albums and several genre-blending mixes, Suzic has built a formidable map of the musical geography of the place she calls home. It isn’t the type of Dance Pop that offers bangers through and through, but the standout tracks are compelling enough to stay on the course and we appreciate it that change.

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