BIG KILL hits us hard with ”rotten”

With uniqueness and great lyrics in ”rotten”, their debut new single, the band BIG KILL is climbing charts and getting attention from more and more people!

Their song and music video for ”rotten” says things clear as water towards all we felt along this long, almost eternal lockdown due to the pandemic and it finds happiness and humour into it. Something we clearly appreciate.

This song not only represents their whole story, but in certain way, it represents their soul as a band. We love how they blend elements from multiple genres to their orchestral side along the flute and use combined voices to create a feeling of ”familiarity”, it feels like you’re friends with them while you’re listening to any of their songs.

But this is not the only hit you should hear from BIG KILL, right there on streaming platforms there are other hits like ”isolation” or ”shameless” (and we love how minimalist the titles are!)

Be sure to stay tuned by following via social media as well as on Youtube and Spotify! We’re sure you won’t regret it!

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