A talent you can’t miss: Brady Arnold

Don’t sweat, we found good music for you to survive this long month! In fact, we got you 10 incredible songs by Brady Arnold!

His new single sounds magical, fun, energetic and full of feelings and intentions we all feel related to. Brady’s voice is a perfect hit towards emotions, the way he wrote the lyrics, how a simple beat can bring us to another universe on the first chord…. this is more than a song, is the chance of a bright career in the music industry and we’ll be there supporting him!

But who is him?

Brady Arnold is a one man Band that has been making music for quite some time but wasn’t really lucky in the industry. He can sing, compose, produce and write his music so we feel is our time to introduce him to you.

”This Far Gone” is his new single and we love how the story grows and increases while the song develops, it’s so easy-listening and we can even imagine so many possibilities for it!

His catalogue moves deeper and we want each song to resonate with you, be sure to follow him on social media as well as checking his Website!





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