Rap Music Alert!! AeromosDax

We’re thrilled to introduce you to AeromosDax and his new EP Head of Shrining Headspace Available on Spotify as well as Badlab!

But who is him?

Aeromos Dax is a Rapper/Producer from Bainbridge GA who started recording and releasing material in 2019 starting with his debut mixtape Streams Of Conscience (you can find on youtube) and following it up with the project Feet of Clay Abdominal of debris (you can find on Soundcloud). In 2020 Aeromos would release his third mixtape ImpostorDOOM (you can find on Audiomack and DatPiff) following that up in November that year with his first album Dark Void Television. In 2021 Aeromos is gearing up the release of his next album. This Is It with the Head of Shrinking Headspace EP!

Be sure to stay tuned for it and don’t forget to check his social media!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aeromos_dax/

Bandlab: https://www.bandlab.com/aeromos

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