Karim Tha Dream sounds awesome!

”I’m on the Come Up” is his new hit and we’re more than hyped by it, the song evolves as soon as the voice hits in and we are hooked! That’s the key point of it. 

Karim’s music brings the real Old School Hip Hop into our souls in a melancholic way, his verbal precision makes for snapshots that linger even after he’s flitted on to the next idea. He plows through knotty rhyme patterns with conversational ease; not only does he make every bar count, but his grunts and hesitations convey expressiveness even when he’s pausing for breath.

”I’m on the Come Up” is unique, but that means there is more where it came from, this song captures our souls just with the title!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/karimthadreamer/


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