A new song is here and we love it!

Sex&Champagne Music Crew have just deliver a new hit and we were more than ready for it!! So much that we have it here for you few hours after it released!

They’re a collective of artists made of 3 members who bonded over friendship and Hip Hop music and now, they bring this connection further with songs like ”Graveyard Melodies” and ”What’s after”. 2 songs that feels like a trance into their mind, with trap elements and mixed influences along the way.

We’re left speechless once again with this EP. They mean each word of their music, there is honesty, there is freedom and wild creativity on each song from them. Heart spun independence as a limitless, open-world quest, narrows down the vision inside their personal connection when it comes to songwriting. They aim to express deeper feelings than the average rapper, is profound, it has a soul, it has its unique flow and they are developing their catalogue step by step as it should be done!

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