Nicki Kris brings us a perfect delivery with ”Undone”

Like a song coming out of a movie, Nicki Kris has released ”Undone”, her new single that has us shocked! It might start as a cinematic and dramatic song but the way it evolves on mid song is just mesmerising! Her voice is a gift from the heavens and the more we listen to her, the more thrilled we are to listen to more music from her.

The song is fill with mystery and playing with a great piano that guides the song, it makes you levitate and ease your soul to the connection and delivery they both offer along the lyrics (yes, there is a male voice in it too!), it has a deep bright level of emotion into it that hooks the listener into asking for more.

We believe her uniqueness has no category to place her music as she developed her own style, blending perfectly multiple elements from different genres with her voice and, delivering a great creation such as ”Undone” is.

Of course she is now in all our playlists for you to enjoy!


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