Taylorman has a bright future ahead!

With over 210k views on his music video for ”Count This Paper” the New York Recording Artist is making sure his legacy stays where it belongs!

He is bringing a mix of Old School, upbeat and energetic vibes into this sound, available not only on Youtube but as well on Spotify, Apple Music…!


We recently found enlightenment on this song and it feels like ”Count This Paper” is on a quest to project great vibes and power into our lives and throughout music. This is a Master-craft Hip Hop song that encourages everyone to listen on repeat and like us, obsess about it. The style comes with only pure-intentions and his voice feat Mic Rome and S.M leading the song makes exactly that!

We’re moved by this song and want you to keep an eye on Taylorman as he grows and deliver more awesome music (and keeps growing his awesome Fandom!)

Instagram – @Taylormaninstagram 
Twitter – @Taylormantwitte

Taylorman – Count This Paper – Apple Music Link 

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