Magnus Mason, a must listen artist

Let us make this clear, WOW. That’s the most simple and short our description could go and still it would not be enough for how we feel about Magnus and his music. The Germany-based Artist first got our attention when ”4TH STREET” for to our Spotify (and of course was added to our playlists).

Not only his song has over 88k streams on the platform, his second most listened song recently tittled ”NEVERLAND” is so close to over 300k streams on Spotify!

This is a great achievements few artists get during their careers but when it comes to high quality sound, Magnus Mason is the right type of guy to create the synchrony with the listener. His sound feels like a dark mystery behind a corner, his soothing voice moves along with calmness but creating a feeling of pleasant tension that intrigues and bets for more.

”4TH STREET” is precisely that type of sound, that force that invites you to listen to more and more, making his catalogue enough, but begging for a whole album, collaborations, music videos and a whole film about the artist.

If you want to know more about what’s coming you should of course stay tuned to their social media.

This might be his top song but we do know the artist will not stop at this gate, he is a fighter and as a lyricist he excels where others don’t and his talent and passion are unstoppable.

The song is available on all platforms:

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