Dama Juda: Artist Spotlight

”Goodbye” is her new single and apart from being flawless, it’s becoming one of our favourite songs for this month.

Not only her songs, visual Marketing and talent are clearly top of the industry but for sure we can say Dama Juda has something fresh to offer the music scene. Far from being just another artist aiming for the mainstream, she brings with her an old school feeling creating a story for the listener by putting everything out there, all bars no barres. Her song is clear, simple yet effective and she makes the notes feels effortless even though we know all the complexities that are put in the production, singing, arrangements and composition to achieve such professional sound.

With a certain sense of rawness, ‘’Goodbye’’ puts you on the spot, much like how it seems Dama feels in the piece. Without a second notice, the song flips the script on you into a great single, helping to complete the cycle and the story that it seems like she wants you to imagine.

‘Goodbye’ offers a lyrical trip accommodated by a natural and driving beat. It’s hard to call it anything but outright beauty, but it really is. It won’t leave you wanting a whole lot more than some more room to move, vibe and someone to be there with. Grab a drink and sit back cause this one gonna take you in and make you fly away into the mindset of Dama Juda. Between the singing, lyrics and the slick upper melody, you’re in for a special treat. This song does a great job of switching up traditional sounds and tropes to deliver something you’ll want to listen to on repeat for the next few days. Make sure you show this one some love and go ahead and put it in some of your favorite playlists.

If you liked Dama Juda make sure to check out more of her stuff – whether it’s music or social media. There’s a lot of good things to find so make sure you do – let us know what you thought of ‘Goodbye’!

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