GR4VTY has a new hit for us!

His new song Daylight has captured our minds and hearts and we’re here to tell you all about it!

The talented Belgium-based producer GR4VITY might have only 2 songs on his catalogue but he is making sure people listen to each one of them in all the right ways!

”Daylight”, his new song released few days ago brings a new positive feeling and an extension to his vision and expertise.

We knew him first with his up-beat ”Please, Raise Your Hands Up”, feeling pleased and motivated by the strength of a new artist in the industry.

Now ”Daylight” feels unique, vibrant and full of passion, it reminds us of so many hits from great producers and clearly the song was aimed to make people feel special, powerful and in control of their destiny. Adding female echoed voices enriched with a great reverb he delivers a feeling of calmness.

Talking to the artist we learned a bit about the song:

Daylight grew from my desire to again travel and see the world, enjoy the outdoors and relax in the sun. At the time, I had found myself trapend indoors for over a year, and spring was just around the corner. The majority of the song focusses on the atmospheric/lounge hook, and less on the drum to give it an overall relaxed summer vibe.

We definitely feel connected to his words and as this year has progressed, this makes the song relatable and we all need some cheering and music that makes us feel alive.

Remember to stay tuned to his music not only on all platforms but as well on social media!

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