Doctor Ravan keeps the fire alive

With a new and totally mind breaking song titled ”Poppa Care Great And Majestic” an artist we know and keep listening over and over is elevating his Soundcloud catalogue to a new level of talent and expertise.

One thing we love and appreciate from him is the amount of music he puts out constantly, while most artists wait for months to release, Ravan shows that big intervals of time are not needed to succeed in the industry. Where others fail, he prevails. Now this new single brings a new dimension to his music, it has a fierce angle, it goes full in and spares no efforts towards slowing down.

It feels easy-listening and like an empowering Anthem for those of us who love Hip Hop.

Another great point from listening to Ravan is that his catalogue is available right here below, for everybody to enjoy!

Be sure to stay tuned to more of his music via Soundcloud as well as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel!

Faacebook: Doctor Ravan

Instaagram: ramcgee69

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