”My Light”, as magical as Kelsea Martinez

A beautiful artist with a brilliant and magical sound, that’s the best way I can describe Kelsea Martinez.

With a wonderful sound coming within a deep feeling and great written lyrics, Kelsea is proving that she is here ready to break any limit with her single titled ”My Light” and to be honest, it has the potential to become one for the legends. Somehow she reminds us of the one and only Mary J. Blige, the tones of her voice, the unique color and curves, how she vocalises and the aim in her music, that deep RnB few artists achieve, is like listening to her all over again and after starting our experience with ”My Light” we’re extremely sure about her bright future in the music industry.

This song is crafted to perfection. -Says one of our members.

The third verse (bridge) adding that slowness with strings blending in and the vocal range showing her true potential is just overwhelmingly beautiful. We love how the composition evolves and this song is a perfect mix to her catalogue.

As always we would love for you to follow her on social media and show some love because she really deserves it!



Instagram: kelseamartinez_official

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