An album full of hits by Will

”Will Tomorrow Ever Come” is his new album and to say that we like it doesn’t describe the reality, we are in love with this album!

Starting with strong and powerful melodies we find ourselves hooked to the sound Will delivers to us. A well produced and greatly written album that surpasses any expectations and can blend into any playlists without effort. We love the fact that some songs are conversations, introducing the next song to you in a unique and original way.

Such is the uniqueness of this album that for us it could be considered an EDM Anthem mixed with tons of influences along the way.

For us ”Home (DJ’s Lost Letter) is one of our absolute favourites. The loops and vocals make the melody feel ethereal, easy-listening and incredible to vibe with. Once the beat drops and his voice starts singing is when the magic happens.

”Sun Will Shine” on the other hand is a perfect way to keep his album ”Will Tomorrow Ever Come” fresh, and if you invest some time in it, you can see that is fully worth listening!

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