”Great Escape” by Amiena is just wonderful!

With an incredible Music Video, the incredible Amiena has reached deep in our heart with her new single ”Great Escape”

The song’s composition and arrangement is already wonderful, joined by the beauty and talent she elevated it even more. We love that every time she releases a new song I’m more and more into it. The way she hits all the keys perfectly, the passion, the vocal control on each moment as the song gets more and more complex and the ending, the way she expresses each word is beyond nature.

There is magic in this kinds of songs for us, having the capacity to sing, express and reach to people in such ways is what makes Youtube the perfect platform for her. Still, you also have her music on Spotify and other platforms!

Apart from the incredible song, the video direction and the mood of it fully matches what Amiena is trying to express, we can clearly see many work hours behind it she put.

So far, you can follow her on Youtube as well as Instagram and streaming.




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