Nightmare by Camero, our top song of the month

A new song by the young and creative Camero, an artist full of surprises that always delivers a great feeling.

Camero is back and what a release! We love the way she improves, how she plays with her personal genre and adds her signature to the mix! ”Nightmare” is her new song and we’re personally thrilled by it.

The song’s composition and arrangement is already wonderful, but joined by the vocal beauty and talent she has elevates it even more. This is not the first song to hit our playlists from her, every time she releases a song we’re more and more into it. The way she slides singing through all the keys perfectly, the passion, the attitude expressed in words on each moment during the song, as well as how the old school feeling gets us, is beyond nature.

There is magic in this kinds of songs, having the capacity to bring sounds from the past and reach to people in such ways is what makes our readers the perfect audience for her.

It feels like each kick brings us to a new place, there is so much honesty and style on the way she sings, calm and steady, making emphasis on each line.

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Social media:

IG- the.classic.camero

Twitter – tiffany_camero

Tiktok- the.classic.camero

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