From Germany to the world, time to meet Ottaz!

Hit after hit and with no intention to slow down, that’s how Ottaz is playing the game while getting in the Industry with massive steps of steel.

German artist Ottaz has my heart in a constant loop, when I’m already having a favourite song to obsess with, he goes and releases another song to obsess even more than the past released ones.

I can definitely talk from my personal experience when I first hit with “Sadness”, Ok, this sounds cool (I thought to myself), what I didn’t know was how extremely catchy his song would end up being.

I went to bed and in my head over and over I kept singing “Die sadness in mir”…

From a curious streak of a new song to start digging deeper into his mindset, his lyrics, his creations. That’s when I stumbled upon the music Video for Sadness, a conceptual video that shows his surroundings, being simple, I like that.

I was already satisfied with this video and the song, but I needed more as I couldn’t understand German and then, he uploaded a video explaining the lyrics! What are the odds? I finally could understand a bit of the background behind what I thought I was singing over and over (because… yes, I tried German in my head but it wasn’t a thing)

My curiosity kept going, it was time for me to start exploring his catalogue on Apple Music as well as Spotify (My personal top streaming services this year), I loved all I was listening to.

Right when I was about to move on, Void Freestyle was released, showing me his rapping skills were on point to then elevate his sound even more and drop “Monte Carlo” (A personal fav)

Now, I always think that if you like 3 songs from an artist, you are a fan and definitely his music was hitting me quite in the right places. It took not too long for me to fall in love with his new single “Meine Gang Meine Fam”, a song that will keep playing in my house over and over since is a full representation of all I like about him.

Ottaz is, and will keep being, one of my fav indie artists of 2021.

If you want to go crazy as I did, check his social media as well! I love thinking how my follow helped him surpass 11.000 followers! šŸ˜€

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