Wow, that is all we think about while listening to “Deliver Hell”

Reap The Light’s first album is reaching out to us through guitar riffs, solos and extremely talented vocalists that move beyond our expectations.

The project, born out of Reverend Kuzz and Orion Hellraiser working together, is making sure their first album represents the path they are choosing for their career. With lyrics written for the occasion and expertise at the top of their cooperation. An album about Retribution that delivers the ultimate experience.

Vocalists are doing way more than just singing, they are creating perfection, giving everything their throats can take and creating magic around the lyrics, founding and ambient that won’t dissipate for a long time and of course, bringing a new feeling to each song that for us. Metal and Hard Rock lovers, YOU BETTER LISTEN!

Apart from that, they have a wonderful image and a great presence on Spotify. We’re standing in front of artists that will keep growing and delivering quality to the audience.

One of the things that characterise Reap The Light after listening to them for the first time was the voices chosen to perform each song, the perfect mixing and mastering as well as how it all blends perfectly with the guitarists creating a well-balanced result, the way the vocalists keep the intention and the mood flowing along during the entire album… is not acting, they are clearly feeling each word and this album is a wonderful gift for us.

Such is the masterpiece of “Deliver Hell” that we want you to show some support by following Reap The Light on their Spotify, Apple Music as well as subscribing everywhere to them.

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