Crawl sounds epic! Perfect single for a Debut Album!

Wow, wow, wow… That’s all we can say about this hidden gem!

With an incredible new song titled ”Crawl”, Destroy the Planet is proving to us that they have something great to offer to all the Rock and Hard Rock music lovers out there!

It is the first time we talk about Destroy the Planet, but we are certain about this, it won’t be the last.

To us, they sound like a bright career filled with emotions, fear, passion, guitar solos and riffs beyond comprehension, with strong statements that brighten up our days and make us revisit how lucky we are for having such great taste. In fact, we believe you love their music so much that you can listen to the song right here while you read!

Hear with detail the production level, how well the song develops, and the quality of it!

The best part is yet to come, the whole Debut Album titled “Episode 1: Hungry for the Science” is a MUST listen.

There is enough work in there to sign them into a label as soon as possible!

We’re mesmerised by it, it sounds epic from beginning to end, the voices, the texture, the sentiment on each word and guitar string, we can feel how much they cared and worked on delivering a full performance through this single and through their whole catalogue of music.

There is a sense of going with the flow in the higher moments and stardom in the vocal performance, making the combination feel effortless and this song memorable. “Crawl” might be awesome, but the rest of the album has nothing to envy, they are a powerful band with so much to offer.

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