ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: dark passenger

dark passenger has left us speechless with this song.

If there was a way to jump into a bigger market and set himself on a great position that’s clearly with a song like ”a perverse sense of self”

The unique and talented artist deserves our Artist Spotlight!

His music is mysterious, unexpected, filled with genius, full of rhythm and a bless to our ears!

Apart from the great crescendo the song is, with an evolving feeling constantly happening, we have a lot to say about this hit. First dark passenger’s composition here is wonderful to say the least, the sounds may be strange, but still comfortable to listen to, they feel warm and unfamiliar. Ahead of that, we love how much work there is into creating this piece, not only his whole visual cover is flawless, he is proving that you only need your inspiration and bit of imagination to create something interesting that engages with the audience properly.

The track is genius, he breaks the tempo of the song and offers a different type of sound, making him one of our favourite artists. We simply kept listening and listening without even thinking about it.

Song is spotless, production is quite easy to engage with and the whole composition of the single is perfectly crafted from 0 to a professional final product that I hope thousands of people relate to as we did.

Want to know more about him?

dark passenger_ is the solo project from producer Lewis Mander. New to this genre, Lewis has spent the majority of his music career playing guitar, with one album and one ep to date. However, with an ever-present passion for djing lurking in the shadows, over the past three years an almost uncontrollable urge has prompted Lewis to turn his hand at producing electronic music. Whilst there is no question that this is new territory for Lewis, a life-long passion for electronic music has culminated in what we now know as dark passenger_.
With significant influences from Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, not to mention edm titans Sasha & John Digweed a quasi-electronic, almost band-like sound is evident.
When asked about his debut ep ‘demons’: “I guess I am trying to create something new, but then is that even possible in this day and age? I think what I do have is that I’m just recording what comes out, not desperately trying to fit the music into a particular genre, if that works [and people like it], then i’ve achieved something”.

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