YASHAR: Artist Spotlight

With an incredible new song titled ”Lost”, YASHAR is proving to us that he has something great to offer to all the music lovers out there!

It is the first time we talk about ’’Lost’ by YASHAR, but clearly, it won’t be the last. To us, he sounds like a bright career filled with emotions, with strong statements that brighten up our days and make us reconsider how lucky we are for having such wonderful music available. You can listen to the song right here while you read!

Hear with detail the production level, how well the song develops, and the quality of it! The lyrics, the vocal movements and the way she performs the song are a full statement of how she feels. She is free, she is adventurous, not afraid of her talent and ready to release her full potential into this production by YASHAR.

The catchy sentences that are easy to remember are a great introduction to the places he is aiming to reach.

We’re mesmerised by it, it sounds like a banger from beginning to end, the voice, the texture, the sentiment on each word, we can feel how much he cared and worked on this song.

But who is he?
YASHAR is a Turkish born Kiwi Artist in Auckland, New Zealand. The artist who has been making music since a very young age and he specializes in the realm of EDM/Dance.

For sure, worth checking him out on all his socials and streaming platforms!

There is a sense of going with the flow in the higher moments and stardom in the vocal performance, making the combination feel effortless and this song memorable.







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