Nu-Goth has a new queen, Staytus

Fresh, different, unique and filled with an atmosphere of passion and emotions. Her debut album “Disease Of The Mind” brought us to a new dimension.

Staytus inflicts pain and fear in such a way that it feels addictive, we found ourselves hooked to her sound, her raspy voice and her lack of need for any validation, is like meeting her free spirit throughout her music.

She might be a relatively new artist, but she definitely knows how to make people enjoy the sound of her new album and has been around for longer than people imagine.

Her aggressive industrial metal sound feels like perfection to the ear, she is versatile, switching between related genres but developing her personal style.

Apart from being extremely talented, singer and songwriter Staytus has a deeper creative mind that we can’t wait to explore and dive in as he releases more music! On top of that, she has the most powerful music video for her song “Dreams From Hell”

She literally made our day when she released this video and we’re over thrilled for this chapter in her career.

But who is her?

Since the age of 15, the Scottsdale, AZ-based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter has steeped herself in writing and recording her material, posting individual tracks while acquiring a string of degrees and certifications in audio production. Being patient and deliberate, however, has paid off—with Disease of the Mind, Staytus has crafted a lavishly detailed opus that envelops the senses as it pulls the listeners into its own sonic universe. 

Aspiring to the wide-angle scope of genre-defining albums like Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, Ministry’s Filth Pig and God Lives Underwater’s Life in the So-Called Space Age, Staytus leaves her mark on the industrial metal paradigm with an utterly distinctive approach to production and songcraft that reflects the ten years she’s spent honing her style in both domains. 

The album evolves progressively, brings perfectly chosen changes to the rhythm and keeps the pulse on as it develops. Even the length of the singles is perfect to be enough but still leaves us hanging for more, something that encourages repetition and feeds the loop for the listener.
The way she plays with her voice and how she captures the audience with the lyrics is proof of the great career she has ahead.

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